Friday, May 3, 2013

Chana Dal ki Chutney

When i make rice roti it becomes necessary to have chana dal chutney along with it. I love this chutney since my childhood. My mom would always prepare this thick chutney along with chilka. This is my mothers recipe of how to make chana dal ki chutney.

Chana dal ki chutney

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Chawal ki roti(chilka roti)(Rice pan chapati)

Hi this is a very famous cuisine from Jharkhand, my native place. This roti is prepared by soaking the rice and chana dal for minimum 5 hours or overnight and then it is grinded into very fine paste to make the roti over tawa. This is well served along with mutton curry or chicken curry. People prepare it on some special ocassions. They call it the Chilka roti. A bowl of chana dal ki chutney along with this add's a lot to this recipe.
Here is the recipe, hope you like this roti recipe from jharkhand,India.

Chilka Roti, Chawal ki roti, Rice roti

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dahi Chicken(yogurt or curd Chicken )

Dahi or yogurt is said to soften the flesh or meat. Indian preparations often incorporate the use of curd in number of non-vegetarian dishes as well as vegetarian dish. In this recipe i use yogurt to make the chicken soft as well as to enhance the flavors of the spices. I also use the spices in a particular way while marinating which makes this dish taste wonderful.

Dahi Chicken