Sunday, May 11, 2014

How to grow Methi

The spring is at its best at the moment, weekdays are mixture of both rainy and sunny days. I am loving the nature Here at Karlsruhe a lot. The blooming greenery all around is inspiring. So, inspired from the nature i thought to prepare a very small kitchen garden for my self.

It was last month that i sowed the seeds of Methi(Fenugreek), Dhaniya(Coriander) and Mint. This month i can see them actually growing and budding. The pleasure of growing a plant out of seed is immeasurable. You are always attached with that exciting moment where you wait for the seeds to crack and sprout, then you wait for them to grow into green and finally when they take the shape of the plant you are the happiest in the world.

When i was young my mother used to have a lavish kitchen garden. What not was there in , Okra, Eggplant, French beans, Broad beans, Coriander, Mint, Maize, carrots, peas, Spinach, potatoes and Arhar Daal. 

Infact my mother won many competitions for her best kitchen garden. It was so exciting to gift a bag of garden beans to neighbour, Yes garden can bring you sense of pride and love. It can many times soothe your soul as well. 

Methi is the fastest growing plant. its easy to sow and as well easy to reap.
How i grew methi.

  • Soil: Choose the best pot soil for your pot or garden. Methi can be best grown in loamy soil. It also requires a good soil drainage. Choose a sunny place or keep the pot in the sunny area.
  • Preparation: Take the regular methi seeds. Soak them overnight in water. Next day drain the water and place the methi in a cotton towel or in a piece of cotton cloth. keep the cloth moist and place this in a dark place in your house for germination. In one day you can see the sprouts coming up, its now the time to introduce them to the soil.
  • Place the methi seeds in the pot. do not overcrowd the pot. On the top of the seed lay a layer of soil. sprinkle water and wait the shoots to come up in a day or two.
  • Water the pot or the soil everyday. Do not water too much. The basic idea is to keep the soil moist but not soggy.
  • Wait and watch within a week you will see that the methi have grown to a 1 inch plant.
  • Allow them to grow for a month and then start harvesting.
Enjoy Gardening....