Thursday, September 26, 2013

Methi Aloo stir fry

Methi aloo is what i call a sober side dish in the Indian Thali. The outcome of incorporating the fresh Fenugreek leaves with potatoes is wonderful. This easy dish can be prepared in just minutes.
This is my mums favorite stir fry and this recipe has been shared to be my mummy.
Its perfect for those days when you wish to have something light and less spicy.
Do you know that after fast its good to break it with little green leafy vegetables. Back home vegetarians consume so many different types of Leafy vegetables. Most popular are spinach(Palak saag), methi saag, lal saag, bathua saag, pui saag, amarnath saag and the list continues. My state special saag(green leaf) are Konark saag, kalmi saag and chana saag. Yes in India we have n number of vegetables and grains which i miss so much at times.
Anyways coming back to the methi saag, which is favorite of so many people, here is my mums special saag recipe.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Apple Cake

First time i came to Germany, i tried the apple cake. I was so impressed by this dish that i often enjoy it at my favorite bakery. But this time i decided to prepare one by myself. I find this recipe extremely easy and tasty. Would love to share it with you all.
My son with his rapidly developing taste buds is showing a lot of interest with cakes. It took him seconds to finish this cake.

apple cake