Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kaju Curry(Cashewnuts Curry)

Kaju curry has always been my all time favorite. For the first time i tasted this dish in a famous restaurant in my home town . Since then i fell in love with it. Usually am not able to eat more than 2 Tbsp of any rich curry  but when it comes to Kaju curry, am never full.

The long and large size cashew nuts are good for this curry but any type of cashew will also do.
The recipe is extremely easy and simple in preparation. It is rich, creamy and awesome in taste. It will go very well with bread, nan, chapati or rice.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

French Beans Curry

French beans are universal and so are the diversity in the dishes made out of them. This french beans curry recipe has been passed on to me by my mother. Her cooking is nonparallel and so is her teachings. When it comes to cooking my mom is my teacher. She usually directed me to do one task while something was on stove. However each time the task was different. After some time she directed me to perform combination of tasks .Then came the time when she only asked  "Honey!! would u like to prepare the curry for the dinner tonight". That's how i leaned cooking. I was always ignorant of the fact that by performing single task i m learning how to do one, and it was a gradual ignorant process of me learning how to cook. I never realized that i unknowingly have learnt cooking until one day i prepared curry of my own version . I was always hopping around in kitchen when i was 11 years old and by 16 i knew how to prepare dinner, which usually served 4. Whenever i was at home during holidays i would cook for my family. My dad would always  love whatever i cooked.
And i carried this cooking legacy forward to my college where cooking was not allowed. But life is so dull unless and until you have never broken any rules. Sometimes my canteen food tasted yakky so i arranged for 1 small portable heater and a sauce pan. Whenever i didn't feel like turning to the canteen i Prepared quite a few things using the sauce pan. My friends would always praise me for what ever i cooked. There were two reasons they did that...1. Few genuinely found my cooking good while 2. others were only concerned with the their part ha ha(Hostel is a mixture of unique people). Oh i miss my college days, lots of fun and hungama.

French beans Curry