Thursday, July 18, 2013

Prawn butter masala curry

I love prawns, but i hate to devein them. I just not only find it complex but more of a tedious process. Being said that i love the butter curry that is prepared with prawns. My hubby is not a great fan of sea food as he is more sensitive to the sea food smell. So before i cook any of those i make sure that i have put in all the ingredients that removes that typical smell.
 This time i brought king prawns and before i started cooking it, i marinade it with little spices and with the curry leaves. Later i tossed it in butter before i introduced it to my final curry. The fried prawns were as awesome. The butter and the curry leaves left some enchanting flavors on the prawns and it was nice and crunchy by that moment. However i quickly jumped up for preparing the curry and then my house was filled with aroma of whole spices, butter and curry leaves. Once i hopped out of my house i could still smell it when i passed by my window, lovely.
I am enjoying the fact that it is summer at my place and the sun sets at 10:00pm . This is like the best time of the year and i adore this moment. I quickly finish my dinner in the evening and go out for walk near parks and garden. It is very beautiful to admire the setting sun and the fleet of birds taking their flight back home. I wish it would remain like this as long as possible.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Chicken Curry - The Bangla Style

The Bengali Culinary art has always inspired my cooking. Say it like fish, chicken or any vegetable i often like to cook it the Bong way. This time it was chicken curry that i prepared. As i mentioned earlier a bong dish often has a dash of sugar to it for carmelizing the dish. I used the same principle in this curry too. 
The output of this recipe is superb. My husband was extremely happy with texture ,taste and flavor. While i was cooking the aroma was tantalizing. I am sure the readers of this post will find it extremely helpful to prepare chicken curry the bong way. 

Bengali chicken curry