Saturday, August 3, 2013

Chilly chicken with gravy

And once again am back with a Chinese cuisine. My love for Chinese dish will always remain the same.
Previously i posted Dry chicken chilly and here am posting it how to prepare it with gravy.
This dish tastes wonderful with rice and noodles as well. With gravy it is apt to serve as a main dish.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ramadan Special- Eid Menu

The holy month of Ramadan is going on . On the 30th day of fasting with the appearance of moon in the sky Muslims all over the world celebrate Eid-ul-fitr.
India is all set to Celebrate it with pomp and show. The Eid markets all over India is flooded with eateries and new clothes. The special eateries being Dates, different varieties of sewai(Vermicelli), sweets , Bakery, falooda and Mughlai cuisines.

The celebration varies from region to region. However one thing that remains common amongst all is the celebration of brotherhood. This is marked by meeting of all the Muslims in either Eidgah or mosques(Masjid) early morning dawn for offering the Eid ki namaz (Special prayers for Eid).
However before Namaz(Prayers) one thing that is quite popular is the sacred bath. This is the usual bath however its significance is that the earlier you bath in the dawn the more you cleanse your soul with something pure like milk. The preparation  and drinking of "pyala" (Milk, sugar and coconut )  or (Milk with dry fruits) takes place just after bath.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kheer(Milk rice ) Milch reis

Kheer is the most loved dish in India. It is often prepared during celebrations, poojas, wedding and any other special occasion. On birthdays Preparation of kheer is compulasory in my family.
However since my husband and my son love it i like preparing it often.
I was in supermarket and found a packet of rice called as milch reis. I got that this rice is special and can be used with milk. This was small flat broad rice unlike the usual one that we use for preparing the rice. To my surprise this rice tasted awesome in milk.
I am sure you will love this kheer recipe.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Meetha Pulao(Sweet Basmati Rice)

This is another lovely recipe. This has been shared to me by my mother. Its an awesome fragrant sweet basmati rice recipe. This can be served along with chana dal or Dal kaadu or any curry of your choice. It tastes great and i totally adore it.
Hope you too like this recipe.

Meetha pulao