Saturday, May 25, 2013

Aam Jhor(Mango sweet & savory juice)

Aam jhor is the famous mango juice of Bihar and Jharkhand, India. During earlier times it was prepared by baking and grilling the raw mangoes over chulha(Mud oven) , but modern day technology mimics the properties of chulha thus mangoes can be easily baked over any baking or grilling system.

High Medicinal Value
A glass of aam jhor greatly helps in fighting with the heat stroke both before and after the heat stroke affects the body. It helps in keeping the body cool thereby protecting the body from heat.
The baked mangoes works as a medicine and nullifies the affect of heat stroke, when applied over the body of the person affected by heat stroke.
If you ask me about the taste of aam jhor i can only say that its irresistible. I can bet that this is most popular drink during summer in eastern India apart from bel ka sharbat(woodstone cooler)  and ganne ka juice(sugarcane juice).
Aam jhor or aam jhora recipe

Friday, May 24, 2013

Bael Ka Sharbat(stone apple or wood apple cooler)

Bael tree is a tree of great use in India. The leaves are invaluable as they are used to perform religious rituals and is extensively used in Ayurveda. The fruit is eaten once it ripes. The sharbat or juice that is prepared from bael is a great cooler specially when you are dealing with high temperature like 45 to 49 degree C.
I have seen different varieties of bael fruit hanging in the trees. The outside of the bael is woody in nature and inside is pulpy.