Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Idli with chicken curry

After long long time i decided to prepare Idli. My friend who is south Indian has been giving me many tips to prepare the fluffiest of all the Idli. I followed her tips and few of my own instinct to achieve the fluffy  Idli.
The basic idea is to ferment the batter. Fermentation requires a warm temperature and few catalyst enzymes. In this episode i used fenugreek as the catalyst and for warm temperature i warmed a bowl of water in the microwave, took it out and then placed the batter inside and allowed it to rise. In around 8 hours i received the excellent rised batter.

kadai chicken curry

This is a quick and very easy chicken curry. It doesn't take much of the ingredients and gets done in no time.

Lets take a quick look.

Peanut And coconut chutney

This is extremly easy chutney recipe. Gets done in no time.