Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Foccacia Bread

Finally my Oven gets installed after so many hush hush. And i could not stop myself from baking. I thought why not to start with a bread. But before bread i tried some ginger garlic baked potatoes and to my surprise my kid loved it . He finished it in just minutes.
I have been buying Foccacia bread from supermarkets but could not find the one which would please my palate. So it was the topmost things to be baked. I found a recipe on the website of Sorted. The recipe was very easy and simple.
Few mistakes that i had done earlier while bread making is now that i no more repeat. One of it is adding garlic to the dough at the very beggining. Garlic is the enemy of yeast and it quickly kills all the yeast thereby you end up making some useless loaf. So beware once you are using garlic, check the timing when you are adding garlic to your bread next time.
So here's the recipe of Foccacia bread.