Thursday, April 18, 2013

Milk,fruits and corn flakes -Healthy Breakfast Recipe Series

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as the body receives the first dose of food and water after 8 hours. It has a great impact on your day since the kind of breakfast you take decides the kind of meal you are going to have for the whole day. People taking regular breakfast tends to be less obese
and less diabetic as compared to people who skip their breakfast. In addition it keeps your stomach full and doesn't often makes you hungry, thus boosting your concentration and health.
Am on a mission to bring some extremely healthy and nutritious breakfast recipe, so that you can start your day with some quality food. To accomplish this mission i will be posting a series of breakfast recipe in this month. I have come up with this task for myself as i know many of my friends at present are skipping their breakfast and running for their work without chewing a single bit of food in the morning. I want to present this recipes to all of you with a hope to save you all from skipping your daily breakfast "The essential meal of the day".

Lets have a look at the first healthy breakfast recipe-
Preparation- 2 minutes
Cooking- 2 minutes
Total time- 4 minutes
Level of difficulty- easy

Low fat milk-1 glass
Grapes- 5 to 10 as many you like
Banana- 1, sliced
Dates- 1 , sliced
Honey- 1 Tbsp
Corn flakes- 100 g (Handful)
Incorporate any other fruit of your choice or any seasonal fruit that you like.


  • Boil the milk.
  • In a bowl bring together all the fruits, corn flakes and honey.

  • Pour the milk. Give it a mix.
Enjoy your healthy and nutritious breakfast. 

Happy cooking :-)

By- Sushmita Pandit


  1. very tasty and healthy breakfast :-)

  2. Really healthy and tasty breakfast.yum

  3. Lovely and healthy BF, Thanks for stopping by at my place. I will surely post the stuffed brinjal recipe soon. bye dear...

    1. Thanks Priya, i will be waiting for that recipe .

  4. I know and yes I do know that breakfast should not be skipped but I still don't follow. Either its time factor or I am so lazy to eat in the morning. That said, I start with brunch and therefore I am going to keep this healthy breakfast meal for brunch. The ingredients are fabulous, all the more the fresh grapes added in.

    1. I know becuase of tight schedule even many of my friends eat only after the reach office in Bangalore. Its really difficult to prepare or cook something that takes long time. Thats why i decided to bring some breakfast recipe's into light that are easy to prepare, nutritious and takes less time.

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