Sunday, May 12, 2013

Jaipur Restaurant(Indische Restaurant) , Karlsruhe, Germany Review

Am in Karlsruhe, Germany since a year. I have always been in search of good food here. I found number of Indian restaurant at this place. But only few could match my expectation.
What i liked about Jaipur restaurant is their service. They serve the food that suits the taste of your palate. They are happy to serve food they way you want it, Hot, mild or plain.

Jaipur Indian Restaurant Karlsruhe Germany

This Restaurant is located in Lessingstrasse 52, 76135,Karlsruhe. The ambiance is comforting and could see many usual rajasthani decors in the restaurant. There is a small shop inside the restaurant where they are also selling bangles, jooti,handicrafts and decors items. The La-Carte menu has number of  Mouth watering Indian dishes.

They served us nice and crispy papar rolls. I had such nice papad after a long time. I paired it with the pachranga achar and it was great.
In starter we ordered a plate of Chicken Pakora- The pakoras were excellent.They were satisfactorily spiced and fried. The yogurt dip  and sweet sauce were excellent side dishes along with the pakoras.
In the drinks we ordered mango lassi- The Lassi was good . It was thick and mildly sweet. But i found it bit overpriced.
In the main dish we ordered Butter chicken(This is light sweet which they have already mentioned in their La-carte) and Butter Nan. They serve Basmati rice along with the curry.

Butter Chicken was cooked in absolute authentic Indian style. I could feel the rich and smooth gravy having cashew nut paste and a drop of honey in it. It was great and after a long time i had the authentic butter chicken on my plate.
The Butter nan was hot and okay but not great.
Rice was very good and i liked it.

Altogether we paid 29 Euro's for all this. Two of us were happy , filled and satisfied with the service.
I like this restaurant because they serve high quality authentic Indian food.

On a scale of 10 i would rate it

  • Ambiance- 7
  • Service- 8
  • Cost- 8
  • Taste- 9.