Monday, October 1, 2012

Potato omelet / Aloo omelet

Sometimes we need food that can be cooked in just minutes. Omelet is one such food ,easy and quick in preparation. So what if we put potatoes in the egg, nothing they are just great combination. They taste awesome, Gut :-).
I quite often prepare omelet in so many different manner. But then this potato omelet is kind of filling and hunger satisfying. Sandwich them in bread with cheese and vegetables. Its good everywhere and every time.

Its a great way to start your morning with a piece of toasted bread and this omelet.
 For preparing this omelet you need:
  • Potato-1 small/medium (sliced very thinly)
  • Eggs - 2
  • oil- for cooking
  • Salt as per taste
  • Freshly grounded Pepper
  • Heat 1 TSP of oil in a skillet.
  • Place the sliced Potato without overlapping
  • Sprinkle salt and grounded pepper
  • cover and cook for 1 minute. Turn and then cook the other side for 1 min more.
  • Sprinkle 1.5 TSp of oil over them 
  • Beat two eggs well in a bowl . Season with salt and pepper
  • Pour the beaten egg on top of the potatoes
  • Gently raise the sides of the omelet and allow the oil to slip in
  • Cook for 1 min
  • Carefully flip to other side without breaking
  • Cook for 1 more minute
Turn off the heat. Your omelet is ready to be served. 

Guten Apetite :-)
By: Sushmita Pandit


  1. Tortilla de patatas, las patatas se cortan más grande... amo el olor !!
    Have had omelette in like, 5 different styles, and just re-visited a favourite one, tastes awesome !!
    keep posting :)

    1. Thanks For your Comment. I too love this omelet :-) Keep Visiting my Blog. Thanks :-)


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