Thursday, September 12, 2013

Banana Blossom and potato curry

Banana Blossom's curry are one of my favorites. My mother often prepared it fresh by plucking the fresh Blossom from the banana plant. Apart from the blossom the stem is also used in preparation of curry. Its little tedious cleaning the flowers from the blossom but its worthwhile as the curry has incredible taste.
Banana plant is the one whose every part is brought into use while cooking is done. Right from the stem, blossom. raw banana, raw banana's skin and the ripen banana. The leaves of banana tree finds a very important place as its leaves are used as plates. Yes dishes are served on the fresh cleaned banana leaves. I love this environment friendly idea of serving food. The food tastes even more tasty when its served on the leaves.

After cleaning of the blossom removal of the metallic taste remains one important task. This requires either soaking the chopped flowers in the turmeric water or in the edible lime water(Lime-Caco3 i mean{Pan wala chuna}). In india this lime is popularly called as "Chuna" and it is important ingredient while the beetle leaves are served(Popularly called as Pan).
Next time do not discard the banana blossom, try out this curry recipe and Enjoy. Trust me its worth while making.

      Recipe Banana blossom and potato curry

This recipe serves- 4
Preparation time- 15 minutes
Cooking time- 25 minutes.


  • Banana Blossom- 1, medium size
  • Potato- 4, boiled and peeled
  • Turmeric - 1 Tbsp +1 Tsp
  • Green chilly- 2, sliced
  • Ginger- minced- 1 Tsp
  • Garam masala-(cloves- 2, cinnamon stick-1, cardamom-2)
  • Cumin powder- 1 Tsp
  • Coriander powder- 1 Tsp
  • salt as per taste
  • Oil for cooking.
  • Peanuts and cashewnuts- chopped 
  • Coconut grated- 2 Tbsp
  • CLEANING: Remove the red brown brackets ,separate the flower, then remove the pistil and the scale from each flower. After a certain point of time you will reach a stage where no longer it will be possible to remove the red brown brackets and separate the flower. At this stage simply chop the remaining part along with the cleaned flowers.
  • Place the chopped blossom in water. Add 1 Tbsp of turmeric and let this sit for minimum 8 hours before you start preparing the curry. Turmeric will remove the metallic taste from the banana blossom.
  • Next drain the water and place the soaked blossoms in the pressure cooker. Add 1 cup of water and then cook until 3 time the pressure is released in medium heat.
  • Let this cool off. Drain the water and squeeze away excess water.
  • Now heat 2 Tbsp of oil in a pan. Fry out the boiled potato first. In The same pan add 1 Tbsp of oil. Add the garam masala(whole spices), green chillies ,cumin powder, coriander powder and salt.
  • Fry until oil oozes out. Now add the potatoes and the boiled blossoms. Fry for minute or 2.
  • Turn off the heat . Add the peanuts and garnish with crushed coconut.
Serve hot with rice , chapati or tastes superb...
Enjoy and Happy Cooking.

By- Sushmita Pandit.