Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mango Lassi

Waiting for Summer, No worries its almost approaching. You might have several plans to quench your thirst. Well, i had planned for having Mango Lassi , since summer is the season of fresh ripen mango, it would be an amazing Beverage to overcome high temperature. In India summer is the time when the Mango trees are all cladded with mouth watering mangoes. So people have found out several ways to Kill heat using Mangoes. they simply BBQ the raw mango and then make a hot drink with it which to ,much of our surprise keeps the body hydrated and cool. In my next post i will share with you the raw mango drink.
Well Mango lassi is quite easy in preparation and it also helps in digestion. Here's my Recipe of Mango Lassi. Hope u like it.

Serves: 4
Preparation Time :10-15 Minutes


  • Mango Pulp- 500 gram
  • Yogurt/Curd- 500 gram
  • Sugar- As per taste
  • Milk(cold)- 200ml
  • Dry fruits- For garnishing
  • Bring together Milk and yogurt into a jar, Blend it with a blender, or if you don't have a blender you can churn it into a mixer grinder, or in a food processor .
  • Once Milk and yogurt are churned well, add the mango pulp and churn again until you achieve a consistent liquid(Lassi).
  • At this point of time , taste the Lassi, if you want it to be more sweet add sugar as per required and churn again until sugar gets dissolve in the Lassi.
  • Your lassi is almost done, you can refrigerate it if you want it to be cold.
  • Once done pour the lassi in a glass.
  • Garnish the lassi with some dry fruits and enjoy!!!!
Your Mango Lassi is now ready to be served, Serve it cold...Enjoy
and happy cooking :-)

By -Sushmita pandit