Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Salmon Fried/Maach Bhaja!!!

Salmon!  Oh i love this fish, Its delicious, Awesome. One reason being it doesn't have many bones here and there except for the single rib line which is mostly taken out in one go before it comes to the market.
i like many other fish the usual Rohu, Katla and pomfret. I love Prawns too but Salmon is my favorite among st all.

This salmon had been prepared in the simple convetional way.
  •  Marinating the fish with teaspoon of turmeric,1 TSP of oil and salt. 
  • Leave the marinate for 1 hour 
  • Heat 4 TSP of oil in a skillet
  • take two to three piece at a time and shallow fry them, until all sides turn golden brown in color. 
Serve it hot with Mayonnaise. Enjoy :-)

By: Sushmita Pandit